KRAZ fans / Любители КРАЗа

Here I start series of threads, devoted to specific vehicle BRAND.
So post here any info about this brand vehicles, you love IN Spintires/Mudrunner/Mods - pics, screenshots, videos, mods, thoughts, stories, questions and ideas.
/ Этим постом я начинаю серию веток, посвященный конкретной марке, представленной в играх (и модах) этой серии. Любая инфа, фотки, скрины, видео, размышления и истории приветствуются.

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This topic about KRAZ (only):
Kraz 256 (с-256)
Kraz 255 (c-255)
Kraz 260 (c-260)
Mods models?

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Some videos (this time in

History of Kraz:
Youtube Video

Soviet movie about field tests of Kraz 255 "far north edition":
Youtube Video

Why I love KRAZ?

  • its most universal trucks in game - all can deliver short/medium/long, had cranes, all trailer and semi. And you can count on them - even 6×4 is capable for all tasks.
  • it looks COOL, sounds cool
  • childhood memories - where were a lot of it in 90s, as civil trucks. Urals, zil 131were mostly military, kamaz in rl doesn't looks so cool, and sounds bad.
  • I'm glad its alive, and alive in Ukraine.

It's very hard to get reliable information about Soviet manufacturers in English, which sucks! I find it interesting how things were done behind the other side of the iron curtain, and how they adapted to the fall of communism and the adoption of capitalism (especially non-russian factories like KrAZ and MAZ). I don't know if you're still about @Stazco I wish I had seen this thread earlier!

Tayga vs original KRAZ 6443

alt text

So if remove stupid default skin, perma awd and difflock, you can convince yourself it is it.
Only with default front bumper, but the problem is it may stuck you to death)

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