The G36 fast reload animation is needs to be the slow reload/normal reload procedure

Hey NWI,

i've been in the German Army for quite some time and have ample experience with the correct handling of the G36.

I've seen your fast reload animation and i like how it actually represents a taught reloading procedure in the German Army.

The issue i see with it is that it's actually the reloading procedure for when having ample of time and just changing a magazine that has a few cartrdiges left in it.

So the actual fast reload we have in Sandstorm for the G36 should be the normal reload animation.

The currently normal reload animation for the G36 in sandstorm should be the fast reload(It would be cool to tweak it, making it faster, or changing it so that the pointing finger of the right hand pushes the magazine catch away so that the magazine falls out of the rifle by manipulating the rifle with that one mentioned finger).

@jacob556 In Sandstorm the normal reload system involves retaining the old magazine for later use, which you can't easily do if you're dropping it to the ground. That's the biggest reason for the difference.

I've actually got a relevant question for you: do the German Army issued G36 rifles have a bolt release catch? In the Sandstorm quick reload animation the character sends the bolt home without using the charging handle on the top of the gun. From my limited experience with the G36 I thought this was only possible with an aftermarket accessory that extends the bolt stop? Is the Army issuing rifles with an extended catch, or is there some other technique I'm not aware of?

I don't think you understood my issue.

The way it is NOW , the current animation for the fast reload for the G36 is inappropriate because that way of reloading a G36 is supposed to be the reloading if you want to keep your old magazine BUT in Insurgency fast reload means dropping that magazine on the ground. That doesn't make sense. That's why the current fast reload animation should be the normal reload and the current normal reload animation should be the fast one.

Do you want me to explain it visually ?

There is no bolt release for the G36. Only a bolt catch and it sits on the upper part of the trigger guard area. It is only used for inspection purposes.