Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 - Release Date and Beta Information


Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2, the space RTS based on the classic tabletop game set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, will run two pre-order beta phases ahead of its release on January 24th next year.

On this occasion, discover brand new screenshots of the game captured during gameplay, showing a few of the 12 factions playable in the game.

The betas will feature a selection of content, including all of the 12 factions aforementioned, the introduction of two of the three massive narrative campaigns, and much more. Players who pre-order between now and release will receive access to both betas, and their vital feedback will help make Armada 2 the best game possible.


The first beta will take place in early December and is focused on multiplayer and balance. All 12 factions, the full multiplayer progression system, custom games, plus 2v2, 1v1, and versus AI will be available to everyone who pre-orders before or during this week-long event.

We will use this opportunity to listen to feedback on everything, from the balance of individual ships to the rate of unlocks. Custom fleets built of any combination of ships from a faction allow for a totally open system and Tindalos are looking forward to seeing what fans will cook up.


Beta 2 will begin in January and run up to the launch of the game on the 24th. This will include all the content from Beta 1, including patches and improvements developed during the downtime, plus hours of single-player campaign content. Included will be the Campaign Prologue - acting as a tutorial and story set up - as well as the first sectors of two campaigns. It will give a preview of the ship-building, empire-conquering, narrative-driven offerings of Armada 2 and will be just a taste of the full game.


Throughout and between both betas, we will be providing constant updates to fix bugs, apply balance changes, and track all the most important issues of the community.

All pre-orders will receive access to both betas, and come with a 10% discount. Those who own the original Battlefleet Gothic: Armada will instead benefit from a 25% discount.

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 releases 24 January 2019 on PC. Beta 1 begins early December, and is available to all Steam pre-orders.

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The first Beta will last 1 week, what about the 2nd? Will it also last 1 week? If so, then I take it the beta will be launched 1 week before the game's release?

@ashram It starts in January and will last until launch, so given the length of the last one its reasonable to assume it will be about a week in length.

@caliger_reborn So, basically it will be around the 16/17th?

@ashram I assume so, but don't hold me to it, plans can change.

Will it be open betas or closed ones? I want to make BFGA2 videos as soon as possible.

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@makron open
these are the pre order betas

@Makron @Ashardalon I think what he really wanted to ask was "Will these betas have a Non Disclosure Agreement?"

To be honest I wish if they didnt, so I could make videos too, but I would be understanding if they are still subjected to NDA.

@ashram pretty sure they will not, these will be open pre order betas
for everyone who pre ordered the game so a lot of people
no reasonable way to enforce it i think

im gonna jynx us. Tindaloses release of the beta early of December is in reality gonna be late December. 🦌

@ashram I feel like tindalos needs to release a solid gameplay trailer before they release beta. Why they havnt done it yet I DONT have a clue. but till than I aint gonna be Pre ordering.

@canned_f3tus There is a gameplay video, but it is in german, you can find it here: Youtube Video


Yeah, but to their point, Tindalos themselves should actually put one out (Either in English or their native French, I'm fine with either). People shouldn't have to be doing the legwork for Tindalos. They are the ones trying to sell something after all.

@ashram i watched that. Its still not enough. Gameplay footage of what they actually improved or fixed is important to me,