Please give us additionally different keybindings for Flashbangs / Grenades / Anti-Tank Weapons / Mines, etc.

In demolition class my character carries a flashbang , a molotov and an anti-tank weapon in the loadout.
When it depends on splitseconds to use a specific grenade-type, i always lose important time selecting the right one.

Am i the only one who misses direct keybindings for specific grenade types ?

I find it very frustrating to have to press several times the same single key to finally grab the anti-tank weapon ( RPG ) from my loadout.
Each keypress takes time, plus the animation time to pull out the wrong grenade ( which i dont want to use )
For the easy and fast choise it would be great to have different keys for the items.

Does anyone else support my request ?

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I definitely support better key binds, but you shouldn't be able to carry an RPG (which can now come with multiple rockets for some dumbass reason) and grenades.

Speaking of key binds, can we please get separate key binds for vaulting and jumping?

bumping this up again.. would love to see my request send to the devs

Yeah. At least, let us cycle through the different options without having to watch the entire animations. I could live with that system if animations canceled themselves at each press of the button.