I' ve already addressed a topic regarding this among other things, but still i cant finish a match without having "server disconnected" middle matchs just to restart the game again and again.. My ping is always low btw.

I had crashes to desktop in a lot of games (maybe 60%) but changing to borderless window mode stopped all crashes, and I played about 4-5 hours after changing with no crashes. That was on a MSI GE70 laptop though, but maybe worth a try -> Also I had all settings on lowest, with only 8GB RAM, RAM usage may be a bottleneck.

Ping shouldn't really matter... what are your system specs?

My specs are i7 6700k msi gtx 1060 6gb and 16Gb of ddr4 ram. It should not be a prob with my pc specs i think. I will try the way you said it and see. i cant finish a match without " server disconnected". 😞

Btw this only happened in this Beta stage, on Alpha was fine! i'm level 60 (90 hours) now on Beta!

To confirm, is the game crashing, or are you losing connection to the servers?

Losing connection to the server only.

"you lost connection to the server" message displayed middle matches.

If you are losing connection to the server check your network stability and your security software. Otherwise this can also happen if the server freezes/crashes.