Blade USAGE?

I wonder how we'll be able to use a blade on newly announced AW k8400 skidder (jonh deer)?
alt text
alt text
(Its good to have version with double wheels on rear axle 😃 )

I saw a mod with blade, but its usage was mostly useless, as i saw. Maybe im wrong, please explain how you use a blade in mods.

I believe it should be able:

  1. to partly remove the mud from deep muddy roads. To improve some most extreme section, incl created/damaged by players heavy vehicles.
    But i have doubts here since in MR mud is a kind of fixed, too "heavy" and sticky.

  2. to remove rocks and branches/trees from the road or from desired off road path. I dont need it (the game is too easy now), but if i'll fall in love with zil 130 - it might be needed).

  3. to anchor the skidder during tough towing tasks. I saw tracked vehicles use it often to tow on slippery terrain - just put the blade down deep in soil and use winches, or use it to fix every won meter during towing, incl "back& forth" attempts (doesn't work in MR, see p.1)
    Bad example, later i will post more appropriate:
    alt text

  4. create new roads? I dont know, maybe only by MAZ D-538...

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It's mostly used for removing branches and stones on trails, but is useful for flattening mud to make it easier to pass.

The John Deere vehicle you posted is quite a bit smaller than K-8400 🙂

Great, it means it will work well, devs cant create useless new mechanics!)

Small? Good to know, i thought you took JD 8400 for an original, without licence, like russian stuff. Front is similar, pipe too.
Wheels are smaller, good.
So bring please new pics, or JD lawyers will come!)))

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Point 3 was my initial thought.

"With its powerful engine and huge wheels, the Skidder is easily able to collect logs from harsh places, and pull other vehicles through harsh terrain."
"Loader - Allows Scavenge Logs to be collected"
=> Does it mean that there is game mode where you can't use log kiosk but you have find and collect logs from wilds?

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@böördi That's correct! This was introduced in The Ridge.

@iyagovos Just completed last main game map yesterday and started working with Valley DLC.

If you want to be able to push the fallen trees with the future blade, you can tweek the xml files. Instructions are here (scroll direclty to the last page) :

It works fairly well for the spruce, and kinda okay for the fir (the dead fallen tree added in the Valley DLC). Note that the fir "bug" seems still present in the new DLC America Wilds: you can see in the video below at 3:28 (the fir that goes back to its original place)... 😞

Youtube Video

@iyagovos hi,
_ i've tried all of the mods, that i have found with blades, in MR. And I have yet seen the blade work..
_Is it's ability to move objects limited to 'dynamic' assets? (this has sparked my interest, when i have time over the weekend i'll put together a very small test map with all the different dynamic assets. to see what happens.) unless you all have some different info.
_thanks Rufus

I hope these gigabites we downloaded with latest updates include new mud physics, and blade will work from 23.10)

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