Transmission on a wheel

Hey guys I just want to start a little conversation about the transmission when playing on a wheel. I'm not a fan of all of the trucks having a 5 speed transmission except for a few. I really struggle keeping momentum while shifting. I would really like a more realistic clutch too while the existing one is very weird. If I want to dump the clutch in second the game just says the engine is stalling and doesn't even attempt to spin the tires. Back to the transmission, I would like the transmission to be not automatic like if this makes sense. It feels like sometimes when going up a hill in first sometimes the truck feels like it's sitting on it's non existent torque converter. Anyways if theres any thing to relate or add on to this please drop a reply below. Thanks

I'm not sure if you're complaining exactly about what I was, but here's my thread from not too long ago regarding the transmission.

The automatic is horrible in this game, but thankfully I don't need to deal with it because I have a clutch & shifter. I do agree that one should be able to take off from 2nd gear without being forced to stall, but that's a minor issue. Also you get engine braking in gear with the clutch pressed, which is another minor issue that I reported in the bug section.

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