Ammo resupply bug

Dear Devolopers,
I just had a bug then interupted resupplying process,as result of this im started to stucking in the ground and cant make a and could not turn more than 180 degrees. Its easy to fix (try to resupply again), but its make a some difficulties(
fast flowing moments).
Im very appreciate yours attention to players problems, and i hope you gonna do better
with great respect

I have found another resupply bug.
When I spam the F button fast to resupply single mags, after the third or fourth button press the game thinks I'm holding down F to fully resupply. Which is a bug itselft. Now when I walk away while this bug is active and the full-resupply loading circle is loading, my movement is stuttering hard until the circle is done loading or i go back an cancel the resupply with pressing F.