Lets have a needed discussion: MODDING COMMUNITY

For the record, I only play Co-op.
i've got 481 hrs on INS2, and 231 on Sandstorm as of this writing.

I think that there needs to be discourse on a subject that many seem to be glossing over. There's what we believe the base game should be, and then there's everything that can be modded into it. I see a lot of posts in this General Feedback forum that could easily be addressed by mods, and shouldnt necessarily take up precious hours of the devs' time.

Battle royal modes(gross), unlimited points/weight, instant fire support arrival....these things can all be modded. I'd like to start this thread, to keep a running tally of two categories. What we think needs to be fixed/adjusted for the base game, and issues that modders can take on. Hopefully this could also help the devs prioritize more efficiently, if they realize that certain issues being brought up are better left to the modding community, and they don't need to worry about certain things.

Base Game mechanics:

  • Bot accuracy and detection while on technicals
  • Faster fire support arrival
  • Delete preset button
  • Friendly fire toggle
  • Crystal clear aimpoints
  • AI that detects faster, yet takes longer to fire.
  • Less lateral movement speed/acceleration value.
  • Arriving in an active warzone with your weapon ALREADY LOADED.
  • Helicopters not being made out of paper.
  • Missing respawn wave
  • Voting on team & map for co-op games
  • If player 1 = actively rigging cache, and cache receives damage from player 2, player 2 receives that damage
  • Vote Kick mechanic
  • Asymmetrical melee damage (bots kill in 1 hit. takes 3 from me)

Mods to build off of established mechanics:

  • "Hold 1 objective for as long as you can" mode
  • Instant fire support arrival
  • Unlimited weapon points/weight
  • Scopes and weapon sights (custom sprites, flippable scopes, etc)
  • Muzzle flashes not being as bright.
  • Bullet damage (higher or lower TTK)
  • Revive Mechanic
  • Custom weapon ports (everything from 35 angry bots)
  • Custom ammo types
  • Custom fire support effects

This is the list i can think up as of now. I'll update this list with every post so that it's in one easily readable and accessible place. I hope this post helps.

ALSO.....If someone (maybe even the devs) could point me in the right direction as to which software to learn to mod the scripting and such, i'd love to get going so i can start making these mods myself.


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I did a lot of the modding in the last game. Myself and a couple other old hands are putting together a Trello to record ideas, and have the community vote on them. Feel free to request membership, and anyone can vote the items up so we can prioritize on what the community is looking for. https://trello.com/b/IMoI1Bp4/insurgency-sandstorm-mods

@lordsiggi said in Lets have a needed discussion: MODDING COMMUNITY:

If player 1 = actively rigging cache, and cache receives damage from player 2, player 2 receives that damage

I agree with everything in your post except this ^ ... I get what u are trying to do though, but the problem is that only the one person that blows up the cache gets rewarded with points and they way people behave. Imho, there shouldn't be points awarded to 1 person for this. The people who covers the one rigging/planting deserve just as much credit. Your team wins or your team fails (especially in coop mode). Damage reflecting and other weird mechanisms to fight this just kills the immersion/realism.

@tourist said in Lets have a needed discussion: MODDING COMMUNITY:

Damage reflecting and other weird mechanisms to fight this just kills the immersion/realism.

Not as much as being in the middle of a plant, and having your best friend casually throw an explosive at your feet 😃

First of all, thanks to all modders, without you the gaming industry would be a lot less colourful.
On Insurgency Sandstorm all I would ever need in mods:


  • A lot of modded pvp servers on the last game had implemented a kill registration feed - That is a horrible mechanic that makes the game cheesier and takes away depth. Visual confirmation by in-game inspection is so much cooler and makes the game much more hardcore - Please consider keeping this vanilla mechanic.
  • Please don't mod in extra points to the players, again it makes the game cheesy, as frags, rpgs and c4 will be raining everywhere and making it a RNG slaughterhouse.
  • The worst pvp aspect in ins2 was the underbarrel with HE rounds, that thing is extremely op if you know how to use it properly and got no place in any pvp gamemode, unless your goal is RNG chaos - > Look it up on youtube if you want to see single players ruin the whole enemy team with enemy team having no chance to counter - Consistently. It is just sad.
  • No kill feed (cheesy)
  • No extra weapon points (RNG + cheese > skill)
  • Never allow HE rounds by underbarrel (gamebreaking)


  • If you have ever played the russian coop server BEF, you will know what PVE should be for the most difficulty loving gamers and also a place you will never return if you are not one of those. This server was amazing, and the only pve server I would ever need for a tough challenge. The difficulty was perfect, the enemies felt like terminators, you always played on insurgent side and really felt like the security bots had some crazy training. (If you have played games like Hollow Knight and prefer the area path of pain, Spelunky HD and prefer killing the devil or DOOM2016 and feel the itch to complete ultra nightmare and find the game unplayable from you bought it below nightmare you can understand the mindset of this type of gamer and maybe make nice pve servers for them?)
  • The modded servers with medics and huge loadouts were also very fun, but I know they will return if modders find the time, because all gamers into pve likes them:)
  • Please bring back BEF coop server from Ins2 or make similar ones


  • An option to give modders money voluntarily should be incorporated in cooperation with the developers, modders deserve that. The Fallout 4 creation club is ok if modders have an option to release free mods (Enforced payments in modding is contradicting the spirit of modding imo)


  • A tip for the high difficulty loving gamers: My favourite singleplayer mod of all time : Try S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Call of Pripryat with the latest version of Misery Mod, black road gamemode, you gotta rush the vanilla game first to have any clue what to do and need a ph.d. in making badly optimized games to run smoothly=)
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@jballou yeah that's bad too, but then with the damage reflection you'd just be replacing one bad thing with an other 😛
Loved your insurgency mod work btw. Your botspawns plugin especially 🙂

Again, i ONLY play co-op.

If there's a name, and numbers associated with that name, people will be competitive about it. The more i think about the game, the more i think i'd enjoy if there was simply no scoreboard at all. You either work as a team and win, or you don't. Get rid of scores, get rid of KD ratios, truly make it feel like you're forced to work effectively with your teammates. THEN>>>>after the round is over, you could see your stats. But only once the round is over. I feel as though this would encourage very high levels of team work, and would only lead to positive effects. Thoughts?