There needs to be more guns, a lot more.

The middle east has seen a plethora of varying arms and armament. And I always wondered why the devs of the last insurgency never added any new firearms through out the games life span. Now with this new setting it would be a disservice to the community to not add new firearms. Personally i think some should be added with every patch. Now I am no developer but I can't see it being that difficult adding new ones every once and awhile. Anything ranging from old WW2 era rifles/MGs, to newer variants like the MG3, Mk48, RPK, M240. I find I have a low attention span and change my guns atleast 2-3 times a match so this is entirely self serving to me haha. But the MG3 would be a fucking wicked addition.

The difficulty with adding scores of weapons is less about the time needed to model and code them and more about making sure the game stays balanced. Particularly in a multiplayer shooter where players are on both sides, keeping weapons balanced between teams and with the other weapons takes a lot of thought and work.

New weapons were added to the previous game: Galil, Sterling, M10 revolver. I'm sure new weapons are going to be added this time too. It's not worth adding new weapons unless they add something new and interesting to the gameplay.

To be honest, many of the guns already are redundant to the point that some are carbon copies of each other stat wise, I actually would like to see more weapons as it just adds depth and flavor, and for some reason I can't explain even if some weapons are basically carbon copies or very close to it, I'll often feel far more comfortable with one in game than another. sounds strange I know but I swear it happens.

I'd rather a smaller list of iconic weapons which all have their differences and uses, instead of a bloated list of weapons which are just clones with 1% statistic differentials.

If modding is a thing then custom servers will have extra weapons.

One thing you might fail to take into consideration is that for every licenced gun the devs want to make and implement it requires a licence fee being paid, and these can cost a lot of money and for a small development studio they can't afford 30 licenced firearms that would cripple their budget. Then don't forget that every weapon requires a team of people to make, test and balance, all in all it could take 100 hours of work from multiple people, just for one firearm, and what if that firearm is inferior to something that already exists and never sees use outside of the 0.01% of players who like the weapon because it was made in their country of origin? That is a huge waste of the developers time and money.

I must add is that not every soldier gets to pick what weapons they use, specialists like special forces operatives have more options than your regular infantry unit because of their roll, yet most units will use whatever they are given, some soldiers buy their own tactical addons (I've heard a lot of American soldiers doing this.) and this works with what we have in-game imo.

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I think most people just want more options and then specifically weapons that they know from other games, perhaps movies, perhaps their favourite youtubers, you get the point.

On the Ghost Recon: Wildlands forum (different game, I get that, but still) these weapons were the top picks from the polls that I put up there:
Mk12 Mod1 (DMR), Fn Scar Mk20 SSR (DMR), H&K UMP (SMG), M60E6 (LMG), Mk16 Scar-L 5.56 CQB

So basicly another DMR, the UMP would do well, the M60 (any variant) and perhaps more M4 variants or an Mk16 Scar-L CQB.

As you can imagine these are all ''security'' weapons, which at the same time appear to be more populair (generally speaking).

@action83 said in There needs to be more guns, a lot more.:

It's not worth adding new weapons unless they add something new and interesting to the gameplay.

I'd argue with that, personally I like to have as many alternatives as possible. "1 gun for 1 playstyle" sounds boring af for me, if developers always ever included 100% necessary stuff in their games, the industry would never develop at all. Variety is never pointless.

It might be possible to mod in any guns especially securing the developers.

Thanks for that encouragement though theirs awlays gonna get good. Some might be better, but at least its a solid effort.

I'm gonna hope that mods which can actually be realistically modded in(where are all the sounds?) Could be a developer job.

I think the MK12, MK46, H&K MP5N, RPD (Insurgent) and the M14 (Insurgent) should be brought in the game.