Callouts while reloading

I made a post about this before, but can't seem to find it anywhere. Topics that are deleted still show up, but mine is nowhere to be found, so let's try this again:

While the callouts for reloading are great, when I'm using a TOZ or something of the sorts, it's a little jarring to hear "COVER ME, LOADING A FRESH MAG" as a shove shells into my shotgun. And for the bolt actions as well, a callout such as "COVER ME, LOADING A NEW CLIP" would be great, as for shotguns, "loading new shells" would work too. Of course, those are just basic ones. Ideas are more than welcome 🙂

.....or simply "cover me I'm reloading", "I'm reloading" or the ever popular and to the point "reloading".

Seems unnecessary (to me at least) that someone would even mention "cover me, loading a fresh mag", "....loading a new clip", "....loading new shells", etc. The point is that you're unable to engage at that moment because you're reloading.

.....that's just my take on it.

Don't forget how dumb it is to shout "Last Magazine!" When you're reloading your grenade launcher and you only have one of those shells left.

Shorter is usually better. IRL I just yell "reloading!" I used to use "loading!" but once had a teammate mistake it for "moving!" so decided the extra syllable is worth it. Of course the other part, the "up!" when completed, isn't in the game. That'd be nice to add.

Or there's the less popular "red" and "green" calls.

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