Alright, so I'm at lvl99 at the moment and I think that I now have enough experience with the current state of the game to give some honest feedback from my own experiences with the game. (I will dot point everything for easier reading and would love to hear your guys opinions aswell). I'm almost definitely going to miss some points as I'm just writing this off the top of my head, include to issues or pro's you can think of too that I've missed.


  • The bullet spread for the shotguns at range is far too accurate and powerful, you can pretty much snipe with a TOZ which shouldn't be possible.
  • Recoil control while crouched is far too easy even after a long sprint. The current meta gameplay is to crouch and shoot regardless of situation.
  • Occasionally missing a re-spawn while spectating bug. I haven't seen this officially mentioned but I'm sure the devs are well aware of it.
  • Third person player models and animations, I'm including this as this is quite major for a game in 2018. I am also well aware that the devs have stated that improvements to this are coming in the next patch towards the end of October.
  • Inconsistent visuals of smokes. Smokes definitely need some work, it seems that some people are able to see through certain points of the smoke where others can't. This is possibly dependent of the users graphical settings and resolution.
  • Spots on top of the rocks and mountains in Summit. There are certain "pointy" areas on top of the mountains that when prone you will basically go underneath the rock. You can still shoot out of these spots with no penalty to damage but for anyone else your shooting at a rock.
  • Obvious optimization and graphical improvements are needed. Once again I'm well aware that improvements in this area are coming with the next patch.


  • TTK is almost perfect with body shots and headshots. Some slight tweaks would be a welcome improvement however.
  • Gun animations are awsome, definitely a good carry on from Source.
  • Immersive sounds are a big plus for this game, they really capture you into the warzones. If you haven't played this game in virtual 7.1 yet, then do yourself a favor and try it!
  • Flow of gameplay is pretty much on point aswell. The different cap points in Push work extremely well as there is always atleast 3 lanes of attack and multiple good choke points on defence.
  • The introduction to commanders and observers into the Insurgency line is a welcome addition, definitely adds a whole new element to tactical gameplay such as smoke mortars and the extremely deadly Cleric. Glad they carried this on from Day of Infamy.
  • Map layouts feel great, in my opinion this has been greatly improved from Insurgency Source. With the possible exception of the bridge on Crossing, the game doesn't feel like it revolves on 1 or 2 simple chokepoints. This time around the attackers have multiple options to play with and find the weak areas to the enemies defence.

Like I said above, I know I've missed things for both Pro's and Con's. I'd love to hear from you guys on what's your Pro's and Con's and lets have a proper discussion on here!