Bad spot on Summit Insurgent Push

This spot is way too OP, was watching this guy sit up there while picking off everyone.1_1539398278755_20181013133304_1.jpg 0_1539398278755_20181013133248_1.jpg

He exploited to get up there. You're not supposed to get ontop of the roofs on this map. You should post the recap so the Devs know where to patch it.

Yeah I know, I tried getting the recap ID but it bugged out on me so this was my backup.
It should be pretty obvious for the devs on location and to be able to repeat this exploit spot themselves. Even still I was pretty pissed when my recap decided to not work.

@chrollo283 Yeah same, the buggy replay really makes reporting bugs difficult.
I have seen a portion of the route people take to get up to these roofs while spectating. When the defender spawns at the start of game they go backwards away from A towards the cliff and glitch out of the map. Then they get ontop of cliff and go to the top of the buildings (the one on the right side of your screenshot) and jump the the roof of the building the guy in your screenshot is on now.

Feel so shame for u, seems like u never played cod2 or cod4 promode where there were a few sweet spots on every map and every pro\semi knew them. Imo This things should not be fixed. But what they really need to fix is shootable rocks.