Radio or music in MR2

When playing a lot in MR and especially making the same route again and again, and in night - i feel some in game radio or some cassette/CD player will be highly appreciated. I play in head monitors, so external music is impossible. And anyway in game music will be much more immersive.

What kind of music? Hard to tell...not too loud, not an ambient, i dont know.
Actually being a hater of Shanson - its russian special "ex-prisoners" themed songs - i know that most russian drivers listen only Shanson, and in this particular game and place - i would vote for Shanson!!!)) It would be very authentic and fun.
But i dont know foreigners reaction...
But second radio needed for usa trucks...some country music maybe?
You always can turn it off, or make the sound less - but sometimes it will help you not to be bored to death with MR, (&play it&play it& and buy it and its dlc)))

So two radio stations, or "mp3 mixes" - I VOTE for it to be added in MR2!

(I remember shock and deeep immersion in Gta vice c. hearing billie jean for the first time)

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why cant you play the music through your headset, thats what i do

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And loose beautiful engine and environment sounds, and control over the vehicle? No. In game radio is a standard for serious games now, i hope MR will become such.
I cant wait to listen group Lesopoval (Logging, by prisoners), with some "sepia" effects/interference since its played via oldschool cassete player in rusty and noisy zil cab.
Ive heard it sometimes in taxi, this music is created for MR)))

yeah no we don't need that, you can play any music you want in the background (even on consoles), that would just be unnecessary development

i always play background music while playing, chill music like jazz or Lo Fi

On xbox you cant...if im not mistaken

Maybe the midle ground here is like Ats or Ets an ui for audio stream from internet or point a folder to read music from,the only thing it just mix both sound in a raw way and not in a spatial way like you would hear the music in the cab of your truck,wich need more work to be done for a great result.
@Stazco i think i will remember a long time too the music from vice city, so much memory.

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@stazco said in Radio or music in MR2:

On xbox you cant...if im not mistaken

Yes you can ... download Spotify for your Xbox. It's free, but it does have adds.

I ll try again, thx, but if i remember correctly, all music apps in xbox are not "supported" in russia

@stazco said in Radio or music in MR2:

I ll try again, thx, but if i remember correctly, all music apps in xbox are not "supported" in russia

Wait .... for real?

I have all my audio devices connected by a mixer, and the output goes to my home stereo, so mudrunner with the music turned off can be mixed with any other source. I can listen to local radio, a cd, mp3s from my pc, whatever.

you could play background music while playing on the xbox media player on the xbox360 (via USB stick or media server), it would be really stupid if they removed that feature on the xbox one. if anything they should have further implemented it with spotify or other music streaming apps