PhotoMud mode in MR2

Hi everyone!
I was a big fan of forza photomode in forza msport 3&4 (and filled a couple of memory cards with GranT.3or4?), and very often i miss such mode in MR. I know PC users can turn off the hud, and we all can toggle camera not to center of truck to get some another angle.
But I VOTE for official photomode in MR2!
Yes, this game is not so fancy as Forza, but we all love current brutal shots. So why not to make it easier and better?!
Just make it pause, turn off hud, give to camera some limited freedom, and add a couple of filters/sliders. That's all!
Dont you agree?)

Here are a couple of my "photomode like" screens:

alt text

alt text

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Yes, I love making wallpapers for my PS4 home screen.

@krd1749 also its easy to save (xbox) screens on mobile and pc, post it anywhere.

yes photo mode is necessary for next game