UZI Iron Sights!!! pls FIX

Just to confirm with you, this uzi mod currently in the game is a real thing. Is that what bothers you?

The charging handle that's in the game is an aftermarket part that allows easier use when mounting optics. It would be neat if the charging handle switched back if running irons, much like it would be cool if the rail attachments went away when using irons on a G3.

@Zafer i just really like the clonkyness of the standart sights! and the handle to the side bothers me kind of

and YES I know that the modified handle is a thing, it's made so you can use sights on the uzi whilst containing a low profile ^^

@MAA_Bunny yep that was exactly my thought 😃

You know what, that would be a neat small detail that would go a long way now that you mention it. They did that with the G36 why not with the others right.