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Fix this. I love this dudes Rising Storm 2 Content, but in that game spawn camping is impossible. If he has figured out how to do this in Insurgency 2, tens of others have as well. Is there any plan to alter the spawn system or a protection method for it?. Because this is going to be exploited. BIG TIME.

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Safe zones still being exploited and more players are catching on. Do the developers and or anyone give a flying fu*k about this issue?.

Hi there,

The team are aware of spawn camping issues currently occurring in the beta.

To be honest I shrug my shoulders at it. I've played other games where there's tons of spawn camping, and the solution was to fight your way out of it.

I think both Insurgency games suffer from lack of battlespace, making spawn camping and killing very rewarding if you get there unnoticed with an IED or C4. If the spawn was more spread out throughout various buildings or other architecture (rocks, cars, canals, what not), then it wouldn't be such an issue.

Battlefield 2142, one of my all time favorites, had two town sized spawn areas, and you could essentially go anywhere within the battlespace. There was no limitation to what you could do, meaning that if there was a spawn camper, then the team had to get organized to take him down. … man I miss that game.

To me both Insurgency games are limited, however nice they play and however sexy they look. But there's room for improvement outside fixing the beta issues (bugs).

In short I don't want a path that limits or prevents the possibility of spawn camping. I just want the game to improve such that players can deal with a spawn camper when and if it happens.

I could elaborate on the topic, but I'd just be repeating myself.

In Ins MC sinjar was the worst map for spawn camping, insurgents could swarm the marines spawn bunker and snipers would lay prone by the pillboxes and only a few marines would actually make it up the hill to Alpha, the devs implemented a ramp to the bunker so only those inside could get out, no one could get in; but that did nothing to prevent people sitting outside scoped in already - but if your team is pushed back to their spawn and are that bad at killing the enemy then there is no solution to stop people from complaining about it happening, you just have to get better and deal with it.

Many servers in Ins MC and Ins incorporated a timed spawn protection that faded after 5-10 seconds or when the player fired a shot and I expect to see the same on many modded servers for Ins Sandstorm.

The spawn system for players are predetermined locations, usually in the same room/area with multiple spawns in that area to accommodate say up to 18 or however many players, a possible solution for the static spawns would be to place those spawn points in a larger area so you don't always have everyone spawn in within a 10meter radius of each other and with this method you will see a few guys spawn scattered in one building, some will spawn elsewhere and so on.

Once players learn the spawn locations they will know to check those locations and one thing we do not want the devs to do is for them to put up more annoying invisible walls or a restricted zone warning to block offensive players from possibly spawn camping because that will only accommodate the bad players and won't teach them to get any better.

I don't mean to sound like an elitist but i'm pretty fucking good at Insurgency, i've played since the mod, I use to spawn camp scrubs all the time on sinjar with my SVD, and if you're so bad you get pushed back to spawn and spawn camped yet your team can't manage to get out of your protected spawn area and fight back well then you should play a different gamemode or stick to coop, you may be a good player stuck with really bad players and you may get spawn camped which can be very frustrating but you must learn to overcome adversity even if it means laying down smoke screens and working together to push out.

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