New AI being trialed for update??

Encountered this tonight while playing Co-op. There were multiple bots on my team. Are you guys using friendly AI to fill in empty servers now? This AI was better than any I've played with/against in the past. Hopefully a taste of things to come!! I love it!


I'm actually so excited. The AI is the only actual thing wrong with this game content-wise.

I have very few complaints when it comes to Sandstorm. It runs great (99.9% of the time), sounds amazing, gives me a complete sense of immersion I've never experienced in another game...i love it. It's just the AI. If what i saw tonight is what's coming, i'm stoked.

The bots are RIDICULOUSLY O.P.! It's almost like Jason Bourne and John Wick decided to join forces and train the bots... Now they're freaking unstopable! Straight up Terminator status 🤖

I'm really looking forward to see how the bots are going to be performing in the future. Hopefully they keep making them tougher and tougher!

Ooooh! Glad to hear they are working on the AI as well! 🙂

Thumbs up for NWI for this one.

Payed in a co-op server with someone named Bot as well. I'm about 99% sure it was a human with the username "Bot"

Those friendly AI bots take the fun out of things. They go through the objectives too quickly and are prone to team killing. One of those AI bots shot me, the last second of the final round. They need to fix that.

Hahaha its a human named Bot if it killed you, normal bots wouldnt ever do that.

To confirm if it actually is a real bot: real bots dont have exp levels, it just says "bot" in the place where humans have their lvl number. At least this is how it's in local play.

I have play'd offline with bots and they will TK you. They have no perception of whats in front of them while they have an enemy sighted. Try it and prove me wrong.

@zafer Oh well going in front of them is a different story, dude said as it were from nowhere they tk'd him.