What specifically will be changing in the upcoming patch?

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The weekly NWI livestreams are a slog to watch through.
It's always the same questions over and over.
There was an announcement for the future patch and nobody in the livestream bothered to ask on the specifics for the gameplay tweaks this upcoming patch will bring.

So I ask the developers, please explain to us specifically what we can expect when the update drops later this month.

  • Numerous gameplay tweaks to movement speed
  • weapon mechanics
  • armour
  • fire support
  • map layouts
  • hundreds of [...] improvements

unreal engine has been ripping some fat cones XD 4.20

Finally some news! Even though it's an outline, still keen to dive in.

I hope that leaning will be fixed. Seems that my character's shoulder is visible way before I even see the enemy round a corner. Leaning as it is now, just tilts the body around a center axis, rather than lean out.