Hey! Spawncamping in sandstorm is a problem, have happened to me a couple of times and found this video on the subject, its not my footage:

Youtube Video

@Slazenger posted this exact video like yesterday. The guy in the vid is the purest of cancer lol, but he's doing a public service I guess

Was like this in Insurgency and Day of Infamy.

Don't expect it to get fixed. Idiots just write it off with "Stop getting spawn camped" and after 3 games of this, it seems like the devs agree with them.

@quadsword at least in the previous games you didn't have to load your weapon for 2 seconds when you spawn. It's kind of worse now cause there's literally nothing you can do when you spawn right in and someone is in your spawn.

@thehappybub And that's why I laugh at the idea of Insurgency ever being considered competitive.

Insurgency will never be competitive so long as NWI is okay with cheese tactics like this.

@quadsword I highly doubt this game will ever be competitive. I think the biggest mistake the devs could make is focus on trying to make it competitive so much that they destroy the real jewel, which is coop. This game doesn't have to be competitive to do well.

How can you say that when Insurgency already had a competitive scene? It only makes sense that Sandstorm will too. And it would be just as big a mistake for NWI to concentrate solely on Coop. The fan base can be loosely divided into three groups: coop players, casual players, and competitive players. And it makes sense that NWI would want to put time into the competitive aspect as that’s the smallest group currently and they want it to grow. Doesn’t mean they’re going to neglect Coop.

LMGs, rocket launchers, grenade launchers, and C4 aren’t available in comp. Spawncamping is possible and people do it, but it’s a lot harder because: you’re at a disadvantage numbers wise, the people spawning usually expect it, and there’s usually not a lot of time to get into a good spot to do it. So for the most part, there’s not a lot of cheese tactics available in comp.

@eyeofhorus said in Spawncamping:

Insurgency already had a competitive scene

I mean it was quite pitiful though. There's many a post which argued for various things in order to better balance comp and many of those suggestions would have the net effect of reducing realism.

How was it pitiful? What suggestions are you talking about? Reducing random sway?

@eyeofhorus I replied more in depth to you about this here:

This honestly isn't the right thread for it anyway so it was my bad for starting this comp thing here.


I really hope NWI use some energy in fixing these exploits, this is imho worse than Ins2. Would be easier to balance maps in Sandstorm due to the larger maps in regards to spawn camping, due to more paths leading away from spawn and avoiding choke points on exit.

  • Larger and consistent restricted areas
  • Higher cost of c4, rpg - or remove them altogether in pvp (how do you really counter a c4 placed on obj when the other team knows you are there by the flashing obj icon and just trigger c4 from safe distance?)
  • Fix all the spots you can use to shot into spawn either by walls or making these spots impossible to reach in a different manner.
  • Fixing clip issues on several objects
  • ++
    Btw I think sevRAWR187 is doing a great job in showing the flaws of the game. He is a skilled player that always use the tactics allowed within the game, thus making it easy to fix them by making these videos. Again, hope NWI embrace this opportunity to balance pvp.

The argument against people like sevRAWR187 is always about how he is not playing like a gentleman, but the competitive scene will always move towards optimal tactics and therefore start playing like that to win - That would be rather sad as it ruins the game for everyone as the current state of optimal tactics is plain boring.

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Was like this in Insurgency and Day of Infamy.
Don't expect it to get fixed. Idiots just write it off with "Stop getting spawn camped" and after 3 games of this, it seems like the devs agree with them.

You are right, and it's proven by still being a problem in Insurgency.
But with this guy committing war crimes so sick and depraved and to such an extreme level right now in the beta, it should be addressed by the devs before release rather that post release.