Team specific soldier accents

I really don't like how a security player can have the same middle-eastern accent that the insurgents have.

It's hard enough keeping track of who you're supposed to be shooting since you switch teams all the time. I really don't need identical voice-overs adding to the confusion. And I swear I've heard some security guys shout "Allahu Ackbar" a few times, which really throws me off.

So please make the security forces have their own distinct accents. It could even still be middle-eastern if the devs really need it to be for some reason, just make it noticeably different than the insurgent one.

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And seriously, why do both teams randomly throw the word "yellow" into every sentence they say??

And while you can't change your teams, you can change your own uunder the character customization menu

@excaliburrebel said in Team specific soldier accents:

why do both teams randomly throw the word "yellow" into every sentence they say

It's "yalla" which means "let's go" or "come on"

Also, try to remember that this game is supposed to be insurgents vs militia. Both sides are Arabs, so it makes sense they both have accents.

I don't like that they made insurgents speak English. In the CTA Insurgents had many more Arabic lines than they do now. They don't say anything in Arabic other than yalla anymore.

Insurgents should speak ONLY Arabic. Security should speak English with an accent unless you set your voice to be American (they should add an Aussie and a Brit too tbh, and a Russian or Chechen to the insurgents).

There's been a fair few times as security I've heard a voice I was certain was an insurgent and almost dropped a teammate because it's just not possible to distinguish between in a hectic environment such as a war zone. I get it, it's more realistic, but having sound design that is so unclear is just bad game design.

@togfan I mean everyone speaking English isn't realistic at all tbh.

I'd rather everyone be speaking Arabic, I really don't need to understand what everyone's saying anyway. I'll learn what "grenade" is in Arabic after like 2 games.

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yeah I agree, I'd rather insurgents do arabic only, at least when playing Security.

Someone, might have actually been you I don't remember, on another forum said that the voices should be English if you're playing insurgents, but Arabic if you're the other team and I really liked that idea.

@thehappybub thank you for clarifying the yalla. Still gonna think it's yellow and still get confused every time someone shouts it, but thank you