American Wilds cost - PS4

I saw there is a Spintires Mudrunner American Wilds edition for $40.00 and was wondering if we have to buy that or if there is a cheaper DLC for people who already have the game.

Google search has not been helpful so any info is appreciated.

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Yes, there will be two versions of Spintires: MudRunner - American Wilds. American Wilds Edition, which includes the base game, the Ridge and The Valley, and then American Wilds Expansion, which will cost $9.99, or your local equivalent.

@iyagovos said in American Wilds cost - PS4:

cost $9.99, or your local equivalent.

i dont quite understand meaning of that. so i live in georgia country, does that mean it will cost equivalent of $9.99 with my country currency? or what

for example $9.99 is 26.27 GEL for me so does that mean it will cost me 26.27 gel or 9.99 gel??

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@zamal Should be the first way. so it will cost "around" 26.27. And I say around becouse eg. let's ssy... mudrunner. It cost around $25.00USD which should be $950.00ARS. However, the price on Steam is actually $349,90ARS.

Wow, $10 is a steal.


I can't say exactly how much it will be in your region, @zamal, but from my personal understanding, @deathcoreboy1 is correct. As I get more information, I'll update you