I need recommendation for logging maps

hello everyone.

im big fan of actual mudrunning in this game, iv played countless maps from workshop and different web sites, but as its public knowledge not all of them are perfect, some of them arent even close to being called good. i love hard, challenging maps which actually test my skill, with crazy terrain and verticality, dont mind long rides which last for 10-15 hours and constant danger lurking in every corner or slope. love to start with single jeep, unlock watchpoints, find trucks with garage addons unlock it and so on, finishing maps with 1 red star is must for me!!

so overall conclusion i love logging with huge trucks in deep mud, not offroading with modded raptors, if u enjoy that stuff thats u i dont judge, i just want some good logging maps and ill appreciate u suggesting down there most enjoyable and hard ones in comment section TY to everyone

also properly done logging truck mods, with proper capabilities, no overpovered stuff TY

for example these 3 were best ones in my opinion, link down to workshop_

ty for listening

@zamal said in I need recommendation for logging maps:

also properly done logging truck mods, with proper capabilities, no overpovered stuff TY

I have no recommendation for a map, but for a vehicle mod: My all-terrain variant of the C-65115 utilizes off-road wheels and allows to use the log carrier with crane as well as the log crane carriage. For a real challenge, you can use the medium log trailer with this mod, too.

You may also like to try my variants of the D-53X and E-7429 which both can be used with the log carrier and long log cart.

All these mods just add more attachments without changing the vehicles' original engine stats.

@marck ty brother will have a look no maps tho 😞 iv been really searching for good logging maps cant find one

@zamal said in I need recommendation for logging maps:

no maps tho 😞

I haven't played many map mods yet, but I liked River Tura quite well. Although it probably doesn't meet your criteria of hard, challenging maps with hour-long log rides. However, it is a nicely done map and the area with all its log stations does pose some challenge when doing several log rides in one session, because the trails leading to and from it wear out pretty heavily.

EDIT: Just remembered that there's another map that could be more up your alley: Map Three Rivers. It only has one log station and one lumber mill, but I didn't finish that one because it was too hard for my taste.

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Have you tried the Quarry? That one's pretty hard, if you like the danger of narrow roads and falling off.

Take a peek in here
I've put there some pics and links to some maps I've played...

@zamal Just in the middle of this
but I will try yours later, it's in the queue