Some feedback on recoil and just general feeling of shooting

So a while ago I made a post comparing the shooting in Sandstorm to Source. Since then multiple patches and changes have been made, so I've decided to make another comparison. It's not all the guns, but this is a more straightforward comparison with more guns and without any attachments.

Here are the comparisons for Insurgents and Security. Weapons that aren't in Source by default are workshop skins, but as far as I'm aware the only weapon that has a different animation is the mp7, but since MrBrightside works for NWI I've included it anyway.

I'm not sure if it's because of better performance or some other behind the scenes changes, but weapons feel a little better than how they felt in Beta 1. That being said though, it's not perfect and imo the kick from source is missing to give guns more oomph. Hopefully it's something that's relatively easy to implement since it's just a model offset and not an actual animation.

Nice comparison Fatsacks !