just overall what people want

The game is great overall but there are a few demands I see the community really want.

1.variable aperture scopes
for 2x scopes you can change it to be like in Rainbow 6 like Glaz's thermal scope, just being able to move the 2x part without removing the main scope
-low setting for scopes are mad ugly because of the "shadow" effects are just black jpg
2.along with that the fix for sharper holo rn its quite blurry and takes up too much of the screen, another known thing is if you lean to the left and lift your gun high enough u can find where the center is.
3.just over all better optimization, my laptop runs pretty well at 80 fps i77700hq and mobile 1060, but once it starts throttling it will drop to mid 50s. If you want this game to be competitive it needs to be better optimized for all systems.
4.some maps push maps need more flanks, specifically the bridge one it has 3 ways across, but they are all center pushes
some hills that look traverse-able aren't, just make it so you have to walk up them insteadof sprinting like how pubg forces you to walk.
5.fix voice please so that we can see people who are talking, I know it adds to the realism, but it allows people to generally be toxic/annoying in chat without being able to target mute someone. This also adds that you'll never know who you are talking with and maybe you wanna be friends with that person.
6.buff pistols, currently in their state they are "realistic", but they are so shit when you have to emergency pull one out.
7.new weapons because now its getting a bit stale, gunner has one weapon, and the addition of new weapons to the game will add the the freshness of gameplay.
8.where is the new update it has been a month

@john-edgell said in just overall what people want:

8.where is the new update it has been a month

They are moving to Unreal Engine 4.20, which is probably the thing that takes most of their time.

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