1.07 Update on console ?

2:20 Eastern Daylight Time I got an auto update through the PlayStation network for Mudrunner.

Where can one find the patch notes of what version 1.07 includes ?

At 1.8gb, I can only assume it's preloading a lot of the assets for American Wilds. If that's the case it may be a bit before we get the change log.

Xbox 1.97 gb
Wonder what is it...

@stazco they are probably adding dlc to game directory since this has MP and u might meet people with American Wilds trucks while playing online

...meet people with AW before release? Testers?

Maybe. If I remember correctly the contents of the Ridge DLC downloaded a couple days before the release and getting the DLC simply unlocked it. I wonder if the PC version was getting this update too last night, since my tweaks to some vehicle parameters were not taking effect. I'll have a look tonight.

@stazco no its not on yet, just preparing files and some changes too

So Focus starting logo changed, 4 new achievements added (usa themed), buggy menu option appeared- "new content is available " (no new content at the shop).
What else?

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My update on xbone came with extreme frame rate drop and random disconnects

I’ve noticed the fuel trailer got fixed, it has a winch point now also the trucks feel like the steering snaps back to center while driving a lot faster. Maybe to make fast paved road travel easier

On PS4 here, I'm getting random cases of the American Wilds logo and map background on the menu screen then reverting back to the usual screen followed by crashes to dash board, hope this update hasn't been pushed too soon.

Checked last night. No update on the PC yet. By the sounds of it here that's probably a good thing.

The good ol xbone was good after a hard reset. I was simultaneously having internet issues so I was at a loss troubleshooting for a minute.

I feel like overall after the update things feel better in the game. Like I said I noticed the fuel trailer finally got winch points, the steering feels more snappy and less lazy when returning to center at speed on pavement, the focus load up animation is different, the main menu says hit Y for new content (no new content, we know the release date) and considering the update was larger than the initial game it def included the AW content.

Umm, the map displayed extra info on my friends screen but didn’t for me so excuse the potato pic. 4 new achievements, 1 i already completed and 3 tie into the dlc. I think the d-538 got a slight increase in power but I almost didn’t mention that because I’m not 100% sure And if they did it’s slight.

Other than that I’m curious if anyone else noticed any other changes, thanks 0_1539217641425_7BAF8E6F-4A00-45C4-81A5-35F37C0E2B8C.jpeg

Hi everyone,

Just jumping in here to say that yes, this was an update to prepare for the DLC release in two weeks, so that when it releases, you'll be able to play immediately.

@stirmygnat you're not crazy. The 538 feels like it got a 15-20% bump. It's better, but not the 80-90% some we're hoping for. Overall, speeds and responsiveness seem to have come back up from the last update. Feels pretty good.

Truck order in selection menu got changed up. Seems to better reflect current balance, but that's kinda subjective.

Think legacy camera got tweaked again. Thought it a bit more responsive to input and stable while under way. Might be my imagination. Any changes, if any, were subtle.

Something's brought traction up. I'm able to run most 6x6s in 6x4 with diff locks only and not have too much trouble now unless I'm pulling something. Only need all wheels for the really hairy stuff or heavy hauls.

Just got 1.08 update... Must be getting closer !!

He meant ps.
Pc too got update.
Xbox not yet.
(But i dont exit the game not to loose tire tracks...but daily crush will help it...)

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