Mud Runner 2

I know after American Wilds drops we probably wont see another DLC on Mudrunner. But Im hoping you add more to do in 2. Maybe make it a little bit similar to Truck Simulator with slightly larger maps, a little bit of main roads or highways with NPC traffic, and more loads and trailers to deliver, like gas tankers to gas stations, hoppers to farms or saw mills, the classic log trailers, etc etc. I love the all offroad aspect of Mudrunner but often I wish there was more to do than a simple log run to the mill in the same spots Ive basically memorized.

@dreadwolfofware I hear ya bro! We're all hoping for that.

More tasks, economy and larger maps - great!
But more highways and npc traffic (what?!?!) - noooooo!!!!!

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@stazco Yes buddy... Not saying to remove all the mud. Just want a large map that feels like a real region of any country. You know, Roads, swamps, trails, dirt roads, mud and Highways as well. eg.I like the idea of starting off in a village with badly paved roads and have to make it to a nearby forest to pick up some logs and then head to a larger city to deliver it on some industrial area, but in order to get there, there are many challenges on the way, like muddy roads, a river until you finally get to this highway and so on. My point is that some variety is needed so the environment feels diverse cuz right now every map feels the same after a while.
Picture a huge map with 2 o more large cities where you can find large repair garages and shops to buy new addons and vehicles but also, nearby small villages and lots of different environments to do whatever stuff you are into.
Hell, it would be awsome to get a map like the one in "The Crew 2" where you can find desert, mountains, plains, asphalt, dirt, forest... and so on. Now, I know that MudRunner 2 will not handle a map this big, but maybe a reduced version of it...
I'm just suggesting to change from the idea of having different maps to have only one open world which has everything on it and develop the gameplay there.
Anyway. Sorry for the long post.

I'm really happy to hear that you all are excited for MudRunner 2 - I sadly can't give anymore details until we properly unveil the game next February, so stay tuned until then 🙂

@iyagovos this time it's better not to say what you're working on before you really do it, because again it will turn out that 90% of promises will not be realized.
So no more word promises. From now on we only want to see hard evidence in the form of photos and videos. 🙂

Let s not forget about rig move and everything who come along with it regarding petrol and gaz exploitation wich is quite a big part in offroad trucking with loging and mining activity,power line installation,highway construction.
Beside in other country you will move goods and animals and all sort of load Australia,South America,New Zealand,Africa,Peru,etc just to list a few and you can get your fair amount of mud too.

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