Sprint stamina system?


Love the game, ive not been into FPS games for years as the last one that I got REALLY into was Call Of Duty (the first one) and Battlefield 2, so thanks for rekindling my interest.

I'm sure the devs here must have considered a sprinting system whereby you run but the more you run, the slower you go? Is that something that the devs and community would like / tolerate? I think it adds an element of strategy, so you can sprint for say 5 seconds, then you need to stop to recharge your sprint otherwise you can run but at a reduced rate?

i think that addition might ruin how the original source works and how people play mad agro, what i propose is that we just what RS2V uses which is the more you run the more you gun wobbles right after your done. But yeah they need to nerf agro play a little more as snipers are kinda trash except for a select few maps.