Weird glitch when starting up a local match to play alone

sometimes when i load up a local game to play, this weird glitch in which my guns and attachment (along with AI teammates' heads and arms) turn invisible and then slowly load. my main problem is that attachments also take time to load, not just the gun itself. i'll ad a photo of the the teammates' limbs going invisible..![alt text](0_1538967089727_20181007201122_1.jpg image url)0_1538967112132_20181007201123_1.jpg

were you in the CTA? It did this for me until I delete my custom.ini folder or whatever it was called in appdata

I recommend a SSD Harddrive where the game should be installed on.
Loading times to start ( any ) game / connect to a server / load a map / loading textures are reduced significantly !
I know its an expensive thing but really worth any cent !
May be you start with a 120 GB SSD for cheap 40 Euros / $45 US just for games.

Having Windows or Linux ( Operating System ) installed on the SSD ( which then is your primary system drive ) gives you a big boost on loading times too, but then i recommend a 500 Gigabyte SSD Drive as Windows itself uses 50 GB and more by time.

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