Movement speed and reloading while prone

So first off I think the movement speed while traversing stairs should be a little slower right now it seems as if people are climbing stairs at Mach 1. Second the initial speed of sprinting should be lowered as well just at the beginning of the sprint then once you are in motion up to full speed. As it stands it seems like someone crouched in a corner shouldn’t be able to suddenly cross the entire length of a sizeable room in under a second. Now on to reloading I do not feel that moving an inch while prone while reloading should cancel said reload. I get that it would be extremely difficult to crawl any distance in any direction in prone with no hands (as they are busy reloading) but i also think that just literally touching W,A,S or D should not automatically cancel my reload. This has gotten me killed numerous times and I feel it is extremely overkill. Then to add insult to injury you can be prone (perfectly still of course) and start to reload and then from prone while reloading enter the crouched position or even stand without at all interrupting your reload? Really? Lol that one just kind of makes me laugh to be honest as I don’t really care but let me crawl a little very slowly while I reload please. These are my opinions.

+1. Agreed that the acceleration speed of movements should be slower. Just to clarify for those reading through here, we ARE NOT saying that the max top sprint speed should be lowered, ONLY the time it takes to reach that max speed should be.

somebody made a really good video on momentum in INS2 vs sandstorm hopefully somebody the person who made it will find this post. You move way to fast in this game currently, I know its to make the bigger maps easier to move through but its too fast, also the acceleration is way to fast of you press W/S and D/A eg straighing, you can completely avoid bullets by doing it.

Prone even in INS2 if you player moved for any reason at all it stoped the reload, weather it was somebody walking over you or that for some reason the enviroment wouldn't let you prone there it would stop you, so its there for a reason. In old INS i would prone reload and take my hands off the controls even if you move the mouse there wasa chance that the inviroment would make you move as you model turned around.

@zucchini I get all that about the reloading and I know it was like that before I’m just saying it shouldn’t be lol. And I’m not saying full movement or anything like that I’m just saying I think I should be able to move at least a little while prone and reloading!