Interacting with items on the ground and doors

It is sometimes very difficult to select which item to interact with.

The visual indicator with the key binding shows up before we can interact with the item. I expect the interaction to be possible as soon as the key binding is displayed.

When several items are dropped on the ground it is sometimes absurdingly difficult to pick the correct one.

At one time I was roughly standing in a door frame (door open behind me), trying to pick up a frag from dropped weapons. I got the visual feedback that I would pick up the frag, however the interaction closed and opened the door.

Currently the user must get into the proper position to be able to interact with the item he wants. May I suggest that when in the proper range and general direction for any number of items you list all these items on screen, in a matrix or a list, or a generally decluttered list and let the user picks the one he wants by aiming at his choice?

I'll second this. It is way too difficult to actually select the object/action you want to perform for some reason. Picking a grenade up ends up being a task of getting new primary, grabbing grenade finally, getting you original primary and then being forced to reload.


Yeah when I see something I want to pick up I have to ask myself how badly do I want it and am I prepared to go through all that ridiculous crap to get it.

(Picking up one thing dropping it and grabbing another, getting my primary back. Then hitting the button to pick up the nade only to have nothing I move closer standing over it then something off center of screen lights up, and I had no intention of picking it up; all the while the nade sits there mocking me)

I made the same experiences.

Trying to pick up a smoke grenade or frag grenade end up with picking up primary weapon ( which i really didn´t want ).
While fiddeling around with that stuff on the ground i sometimes even get shot down, because i am distracted too long.
This needs a fix.

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I have to agree as well. It is really a struggle. Sometimes I picked up primary weapon, then pistol and then finally the grenade. Or I tried to take the pistol and I grabbed the primary weapon or the nade... In Insurgency it worked just fine btw!
Maybe an easy fix to this, is to spread the falling items more widely so all the items are not piled up on the same spot.

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