Impossible bots detection capability in peripheral vision

Happened 2 times.
I am kneeling, static on the side of a road, gun raised, not moving. A bot crosses the street 50-60 m from me. I decide not to shoot. It is focused, gun raised, aiming straight in front of itself. The bot walks a few meters, detects me (his head's direction has not changed at all. It is still looking 90 degrees to me), then rotates and starts firing at me.

Given the circumstances I think it should not detect me.

It may be scanning left and right, but its head was not moving. If it were I could take decision about it and, for example open fire.

@ihvh1969 wait until you get killed by bullets coming out the side of the bot's weapon lol!

Or what about getting shot from the eyes of a bot who's head is popping out behind cover, but for some reason that's where bullets come from.

That could be a cool feature which would improve pvp tactics as well if used as a feature on both bots and human players (usually referred to as free look I believe). For example in Arma 3 or DayZ, you can hold down a button and then move your mouse to change the direction of your head/view but still be running in direction prior to holding down said button. This resulted in the ability to scan entryways, windows etc. but still run past it without losing momentum. I greatly appreciated that feature and would like to see it in games like Sandstorm.

In Sandstorm on the other hand, your view is locked in the moving direction, so that your character moves with it, also resulting in being unnatural detectable by other players as the human hunter brain is so sensitive to movement. Implemented in bots as well would again demand more work I would guess (maybe some debugging with bots wagging their head like chickens=D )

Just googled it, and other players have requested it as well in human players.

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