Game hard crashes frequently in new DLC (Xbox)

I have had the game hard crashes and shut down my Xbox on 4 separate occasions doing various things within the new DLC. Happened 1st time while upgrading in the Medbay in the testing chambers. Second time was crafting in gear assembly in the same location. 3rd time was activating the switch in the first shortcut in episode 1. Final time was changing modifiers in the main hub. I love this game but hard crashing that causes the console to power down is a frustrating.

Hey there,

I've passed this along to the dev team, they're looking into it.

I've also experience another crash regarding the new DLC, when in the challenge areas in the later episodes, sometimes unique enemies of old show up like Bloodied Proteus. I bring this up specifically because I was hunting for parts for upgrades and I wanted to see if the version of the Bloodied Proteus fought in the episodes was the same tier as the base game (which for me in NG++++ is rank XX) It was HOWEVER looking at the piece I cut in my inventory hard crashed my game turning my console off.