MANIFEST-please stop destroying the idea of ​​this game...

Hello, I welcome you.
I am a fan of this game, but over time I'm afraid where this game is headed and therefore I have devoted some of my time and started this discussion.
I will be happy if the community starts talking about it.
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The option to turn off the hud would be good, for immersion and screenshots. But i dont think these visuals "destroy" the game.

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I think there might be quite a bit of indifference... myself included. I don't mind the HUD elements.

It does seem like everyone has an opinion about what "pure spintires is meant to be"... but really, this game is still developed by the same main guy, and whatever he wants to do with it is actually what the game is meant to be.

I don't mod games, but I'm sure someone's got the technical skills to remove the HUD if it's really that big of a deal.

Got to admit that I enjoyed your sense of humor! 😃 Not a big deal for me though.

@grubdumpling sure, if technical skills envolve deleting files from a folder lol. Super easy to fix everything this guy's talking about.

yep, if you are on PC this can all be taken care of easily enough. by modding your files a bit. however i do get te idea of not wanting these things at all, but the game was designed with majority of the community in mind. hence why the game is moddable so those of us that happen to be on PC can mod and change these things to our own liking. totally removing the HUD does not work from what i have found. you can delete the compass, steam names/icons top right, but to delete the regular HUD (fuel, damage, advanced button, etc...) will not work. the control display (bottom middle) can be taken care of in the setting menu. then again after taking a second look it seems the no control display is for keyboard only? interestng i never noticed that little part before about KB only.

I have a bigger issue with the dashboard HUD than what the OP pointed out. I'd like to be able to hide it when playing the game, not just for screenshots. That goes back to the general lack of customization available in the game like key bindings for certain functions (7th gear, gear up, gear down, camera zoom, etc.).