Loading Freeze

On Consoles (i play it on PS4 Pro) is a huge Problem with the Trucks. Special when there are more Trucks at the Same Spot. When you drive away and turn the camera back there are short freezes because the trucks will be loadet i guess. Sorry for my Bad English xD

I don't think that's a bug, depending on how often it happens. I play this game on the PC and I get a short one-time freeze after the level loads when moving the camera, probably because not everything is fully loaded yet.

I know what you mean. In my opinion thats normal. But i mean something different. Its everytime. An example: there standing two trucks at a Fuelstation. When you drive with your third truck in a area (let it be 200meters) and you turn your camera around, everytime you look to the Fuelstation you got a short frezze because the Otter two trucks standing there. (Sorry for my Bad English😂 its a bit rosty because im from germany)

@lolkopf1997 Hey there, are you playing on PS4 or PS4 pro?