Dev Blog 2 (Now 3)

I know it's not a hard-and-fast promise that we're doing them every two weeks, but I'm just wondering if we have an ETA on the next one? It would be nice to keep the excitement leading up to the first beta, after all.

Updated the title.

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the coming one is about the campaign
but because the campaign is lore they need confirmation from GW first
thats what they are waiting on now
its sent to GW so they will post it as soon as they are allowed
they hoped to post it Friday but GW was slow

A quote from Netheos that he posted last Wednesday on Discord:

"We have a blog about the lore and story, and a bit more details about the synopsis of the three campaigns coming this week (we're waiting for the last approval to publish it). We continue to work on videos introducing iconic ships from the game. An announcement with the exact date of the Beta will arrive later this month but no set date to announce here yet. Things are on their way 😃"

He quoted himself on Friday about midday. Then he went home without a word. And this is not the first time we have such a situation. It is a quite standard procedure for them to announce something for "the end of the week", then silently go home and pretending that nothing has happened. That shows how honest and how much regard they have there for their community and customers.

Yes, they can still wait for the approval. But has GW prevented them from informing about a delay? Really, they can't afford such minimum of decency? Apparently not. No thought for a moment if there is some other branch that does such stuff to there customers.

i wonder if they would even tell us if the dev blog wasnt approved by GW.

"Hello! We've just received the approval 😃 preparing everything for the publication tomorrow end of the afternoon (Paris Time)"
from netheos

There is a BFG:A2 discord?

@canned_f3tus That invite link should be open to everyone, not sure why it's expired - could you please try

That will take you to the main Focus Discord, with the Battlefleet Gothic channel available there. 🙂

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