my thoughts on the matchmaking system

The matchmaking is nice and all, but it gets a little bit annoying when after each match you have to go to the menu and go back into the search mode thing for another game. This is why I really liked the original insurgency because teams became a lot more communicative and friendly the more games that were played. I don't wanna be shitting on all the work you guys put into the matchmaking, but I would hate to see the game go the route similar to what TF2 did, like people still play it, but it feels like it completely left the casual side to rot. I'm really enjoying the game, it's just that I would hate to see it not do as well as it could. These are just my ideas tho, so take everything with a grain of salt.

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I really hope they add a continue playing as team option. Not only would it be a nice way to help servers fill up faster, but... just about every online FPS (Heck, never mind FPS. Every online game period) has an option to continue playing with your current group.

I would assume that in the future you will stay on the server after the game is over. So that the matchmaking will only put you in a server until you intentionally leave it. Not sure how otherwise it would work together with a server browser. I could be wrong though, but the current way is really bad if it was for a finished game so I really doubt it.