PUSH has to change.

Most of the times when playing a push match the majority prefer defending because its satisfying to get a good position and get a lot of kills.

For attackers its hell because the defenders have way too many hiding holes to choose from and way too many good spots to take. So there are 2 ways to fix this:

  1. Take away some of the spots on the defending team.
  2. Give the attackers more "safe" routes to choose from or give them more cover.

I don't agree with these "fixes". Nothing is broken. There are lot of places to hide when defending, but there are a lot of ways to attack in all the maps.

I find it more frustrating that the attackers waste the waves by getting themselves killed by running like headless chickens, so when you finally clear a route to the objective, there's no one left to take advantage of it. Even though there's usually 3-4 mins left on the clock. So the attackers could've used more time to build their attack instead.

I think the real fix is teamwork. When there's good teamwork, it's no problem to win the round.

Nothing needs to change, but it would be better if the match was best of 3 in the event of a tie, or even better yet, the match winner is defined by a function of the number of points you were able to push or defend on both sides. The final point should be nearly unwinnable as attacker unless you're steamrolling giving a much higher ceiling of teamplay.

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The problem is that the map is very large for a relatively small number of people. As such, the defenders will bring in their defensive line closer to the objective and camp more to cover maximal angles while the attackers can't really find a good attack route unless literally everyone works together, which never actually happens.

The defenders will always have an innate advantage, but I feel like the number of players per game should be increased a bit.