First off I love the ttk as it is. Don't make it longer because that will slow down the game and down make it faster because then the loadout system will be pointless.
The immersion and customization system is also amazing. But there is a couple of minor balance issues to tackle, the g3 is very overpowered, it costs next to nothing and has automatic and single fire modes. In my opinion the g3 should cost 3 points. there's no reason for a rifleman to use the mosin since you can use the g3 for the same amount of points, the framerate is still very inconsistant (gtx 1080 8gb, i7 8700k, 16 gb ram, z370-a pro 30-150 fps on ultra 1080p, fov 90.). Sliding is ridiculous in my opinion because it looks stupid and you slide way to far for it to be realistic. When prone you should be able to lean and make a full roll. When you have a holographic sight with a magnifier you should be able to toggle the magnifier on and off plus upping the price by one point when adding this, vehicles are amazing, sprint speed and reload speeds are perfect, you can get spawn killed in co op because you cant cancel the weapon inspection animation.

Overall the game is very fun to play and you have put a perfect pricetag on the game. Keep up all the good work!