Scoring System needs work.

The scoring system in this game, after thinking about it for a while, is not only broken its also counterproductive to teamwork. Im supposing Ill get the average "Git gud n008" and all the horses a$$3ry that comes with it but here goes.

Taking objectives. There should be an expansive perimeter for people providing cover fire. I dont know how far but once an objective is being taken you, as a player, have NO reason to stay where youre at any longer. You want those points? you need to leave the area of cover and traverse the field to get to that objective and box yourself in to get those points. There is no teamwork in that. Just a running contest that involves some luck and parkour to get into a small room and argue about whos hiding by the dishes or the couch. Seriously. Anytime I have played its literally just a running contest. People will literally run by baddies just to sit in a room and allow everyone to be killed as they run by as well. No warning, no assist, nothing. The objective points system is also stupid because as long as youre getting objectives you can appear as a valuable player and stay above those who are doing all the work, provided you dont die whilst doing it and they stay alive to do your work for you. I didnt shoot more than 3 people one match. I did this on purpose just to see if by simply following the workhorse, if I could garner points and stay on the charts. Guess what? I think maybe 6 bullets were spent and one grenade for an objective and I finish 3rd place. The scoring system is borked. It needs to be removed or reworked.

Destroy objectives for points. I have a huge problem with this. Talk about lack of team play. Ive literally had players blow me up with a rocket launcher because I was trying to secure the building that the objective was in. Ive seen players shoot other players while they were wiring the objective to blow. Ive been killed, with at least 2 other team mates at one point because the "nice person" wanted the objective points. Is this Call of the kiddies or Insurgency? Having the objective not count for the team only makes it a competition to destroy it with no detracting factor to the first person, regardless of negative impact, to arrive and explodify the objective. Points for the person destroying the objective and maybe partial points for the team would alleviate that. Maybe just count it as "Objective taken" and reward the team as a maybe support the ideology of "Teamwork"?

Leveling up to get calling it right now. In game currency WILL be sold at some point. There isnt a way you can tell me that you seriously want me to play 12 levels to get a shirt and pants. 6 levels to get a hat and gloves and then another 6 - 10 levels to get a pair of shoes. Thats ridiculous. The "rewards" system is bonked on the noggin. I understand that its only "Cosmetic" and that you dont "need" it. I didnt even consider it until the system was implemented. Its here. Now its an issue. Reward more than 100 lousy points per level. Thats ridiculous. Even Rainbow 6 rewards more than that and that game is a grindfest unless you buy their currency. I have a feeling that the points per level wont be raised, instead the currency in game will be sold as a bundle for like 5 - 20 bucks depending on amount. Still. All youre doing is punishing players that want things and already paid for the base game.

In summary. The points / objective system punishes actual teamwork and rewards morons who run and gun, allowing teammates to die for no reason other than "lolz bro u so bad". Destroying the objective reinforces the logic of competition over actual team play as it rewards the first guy who explodifies the target, regardless of whos near it at the time. Points system does not support actual fire support or patience. It supports a parkour race to sit in a corner and abandon any assist one could give with a sniper rifle at a a sniper does in real life, I dont think uncle Sam monitors Joe the sniper from a satellite and tells him theyre cutting his pay because he wasnt in the building to help take it over. Reward XP at the end of a round. Too little and already suggestive of in game currency sales. Thats just not classy.

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I agree, scoring system could be much better and would like to brainstorm ideas to improve it! You should post this to the general feedback part of the forum. It's more active part of the forum so you get better discussion about the topic.