Faster standing after sliding.

After sliding there's an unreasonably long time forced in crouch.

Considering the other aspects of Sandstorm that are obviously geared toward a faster paced game, allowing players to stand more quickly after sliding would fall in line with the current paradigm.

As it is, if you slide, you're stuck in crouch even longer than it normally takes to sprint from the crouched position if you had not already slid.

Gee, who would have thought that doing a slide with both hands on a weapon, and then getting UP from that slide with both hands STILL on the weapon would take more than the blink of an eye. You ever tried getting up from a prone position on your back without using your hands to push up off the ground? Now do it with armor, grenades on your hips, and magazines on your belt and vest, with an 8 lb weapon in your hand.

As was mentioned on another thread, I think they should change the slide to a slide on the ass rather than a knee slide. Then your guy wouldn't be like falling on their hands or whatever.

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@AMURKA I have done it, and that's why I think it's too slow.

Its killed me so many times. In old insurg it was the last ditch to avoid some bullets now its deadly.

@Exile The prolonged forced crouch during and after sliding is a balance reason. During the beta before it was patched, players would be 'slide hopping' (like CS:GO 'bunny hopping') everywhere because it actually gave you a speed boost and you could cancel the crouch and repeat.

However, something needs to be done about sliding. I feel that overall player acceleration / inertia needs to be addressed first with these changes reflected in player animation a bit better (like they did with the player shifting their 'turn weight' animations).

! [New Mechanic?] !

  • Perhaps, after you've held down crouch long enough to trigger a slide, if you continue to hold crouch down just a tiny bit longer, then the player will further transition into a slide on their thigh/side>ass>back and go slightly further and end up prone but on their back with their legs out in front (requires implementation of the '360 swivel' prone feature of course).

So after some implementation of better player acceleration loss, inertia and animation transitions (especially when transitioning into a slide)...

  • Normal crouch slide on the knees doesn't take you as far but you stop sooner, so you get to move sooner.
  • Extended slide (hold and keep holding) allows you to go a little bit further, avoid more projectiles overhead because of your lower profile but takes longer to recover/move again and you end up in prone (with legs out in front).