Achievements and MVP not working

This is one of those bugs that is hard to know you have.

I only just found out I am not getting any Achievements showing up in-game,
nor seeing MVP at the end of matches.

I hear my friends excitedly announce they just got this or that achievement unlocked and are happy because instant reward right?

Well I haven't seen one show up mid game ever! (Only the same half a dozen at the end of the round)

Never have I seen MVP come up at the end either!
(But I see people talking about it here).

Tried a file verification run through Steam last night but all files were good.

Will test and try a re-install next and test again and report back.
I wouldn't have known, and I didn't realize for weeks, until I heard someone mention it in-game
so I imagine more people have it and don't know

Meanwhile please comment if you have this bug too,
even if you just say YES
or even just Thumbs up so it hits the radar.

Have you got it too?
Please comment if you do

Any idea how we might fix it?
I wonder if NWI knows

Open to any suggestions...

Are you saying you're not getting steam achievements, or are you saying you just can't see the end-game messages that say things like "Amurka got 5 headshots", and some other guy got "Cleaner (45+ kills)?

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I see the 5x headshots achievement and several others at the end of the game, usually the same several ones each match, but not who is the MVP.

I did see a steam achievement come up mid-game on a tiny panel bottom RH corner of screen yesterday so that was a first, maybe the file verification did do something, but I have never seen an MVP at the end like 'AMURKA was MVP'.

I have the same thing with a few of the achievements. Normally when I get them, it shows up in game and I get it. But the MVP one just doesn't register.