PS4 visual glitch (new DLC)

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After completing a run on the first episode of the new DLC, I returned to find that the test chamber prep room had bugged out, with many of the walls and floors having disappeared. Upon embarking on another run, I discovered that the same thing had happened to rest of the DLC levels, i.e. inside/during the run.

I assumed that all this would get fixed when I rebooted the game, but nope. The bug persists. And that's pretty much where this bug stopped being amusing. Now I don't want to go any further for fear that my save is somehow permanently corrupted (I have a backup on a flash drive).

So... help?

Hey there !

Sorry for the issue you're experiencing.

Could you provide us more info such as :

  • What is the PS4 model you're using (Basic/Slim/Pro) ?
  • Could you provide us your save file? It'd be very valuable for us to reproduce the issue and understand how and why this is happening.

Thanks a lot !

Hello again !

Was your problem solved?
If not, it'd be tremendously useful if you could give us your PS4 save that presents the issue.

Thanks a lot !