Challenge 3 Climb a Hill - issues in 1st person mode with route on ground

I'm new to this game. I'm trying to do Challenge 3 Climb a hill and do it in the cockpit first person mode for the bonus.
I am finding it frustrating that the difficulty and awkwardness of driving up the hill is exacerbated by the "route" missing
most of the time but a pop up says to stay on route. I am trying to do so, but losing the marker on the ground is the problem.

Unlike the previous challenge where I can make my own way points and it makes a red line to follow in this one when ever
my vehicle is not able to be flat the route which is colored white is not visible. I guess I need to do this in 3rd person view
a few times, but I like the cockpit view actually. It is the best part of the challenge and I use it when ever I can.
I am not sure but maybe being able to color that marker other than white would help.

Then it means you must increase your experience in playing this game to pass it with all starts.
That is why they are there to differentiate players and their skill level.
Once you finish it with *** then you will be better at this game.

Don't blindly follow route. Calculate and predict route by looking at environment and compass. Learn how to drive through difficult places in 3rd person mode, then do it in cockpit view.