Some wishes and recomendations for Insurgency: Sanstorm. Dear NWI, please, pay some attention to them :)

Dear NWI Team, first of all, thank you for making this great game. I played an original Insurgency and DOI for a long time and now glad to be an owner of Insurgency: Sandstorm. Please, pay some attention to the next recommendations, maybe, they can be useful for your work:

  1. I noticed that in the Push mode a large part of the map is not used by teams. The reason for this is that there is a great distance between the capture points. After losing the first point, the defensive team is forced to retreat under the pressure of the restricted zone.
    The restricted zone does not allow the defender to move beyond 30-40 meters from the point. As a result, the space between the points remains uninhabited and the attacking team is forced to run to the next point more than 100 meters by an empty map.
    In order to prevent camping, we can not abandon the restricted zone. Therefore, to make the game more dynamic and eliminate the uninhabited map spaces, I propose to increase the number of capture points on maps from 3 to 4-5, reducing the distance between them.
    It would also be great to note the restricted area on the map.

  2. The maps in Sandstorm are loading quite a long time and often the game begins when half of the players have not yet uploaded. Please, set the condition for the start of the round to load at least 80% of the players.
    Because now some players are forced to go to the first attack by forces of 3-4 people, and the rest are forced to watch this sad spectacle, since they did not have time to load up to the beginning of the round.

  3. Also, I would recommend you to change the gear menu. I think that in the original Insurgency it was more successful and that's why: in the original game all the settings of the equipment were placed on one screen according to the principle "On the right side of the screen - equipment, on the left - its settings".
    In Sandstorm we have to switch to its submenu on the new "page" to set up each item of equipment. It's distracting and takes time. There is enough space on the screen for the equipment settings to be simply displayed on the right side of the screen without going to the submenu.

  4. In Skirmish mode and sometimes in Push there is a lack of people. Often I manage to run up to an enemy gas tank truck without meeting even one enemy. I know that you planned to limit the maximum number of players by 32. But I still hope that Sandstorm will conquer new scales of battles (48 players on the server - it would be great).

  5. Please, return the armor piercing and expansive ammo. Yes, someone thinks they are imbalanced, but we need to remember that they are bought for supply points. If I take armor piercing cartridges - I have to give up armor / sight / something else, and that's the balance.
    Armor piercing bullets are necessary at least for snipers. A sniper who can not eliminate a target with one shot is a useless sniper, IMHO.
    If it will be a decision to return armor-piercing to only a few classes, it would be nice to see them in the equipment of the advisors too. With their flash-grenades they can perfectly break into buildings. And with armor piercing ammo they will have more chances in confronting the defenders waiting for them.
    That’s all for now))

Thank you very much for your attention.
With great respect and best wishes,
Oleksandr “HousstoN7” Borysov

  1. Please just have ballistics enabled for every bullet, rather than having this wonky system of "Maybe it will be hitscan/maybe it won't" that forces players to have memorize the distance where bullets magically turn on their ballistics and you suddenly need to start leading targets.

If you want to understand what I mean, take the MP7 with a 4x on Crossing, and shoot down onto "C" (coop) from the hill near "B". Shooting enemies on or around the building is hit-scan, but shooting enemies running up to the building from behind it is further than that arbitrary/magical "physics enabled" line and suddenly you need to lead targets by a full body length, and aim a full head above them due to the bullet drop.

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