movement and shooting

you cant shoot while sprinting... ok , it takes forever to shoot if you go prone... i get it. but what really grinds my gears is when im to colse to a corner and by gun goes pointing up out of nowhere. and im pretty damb sure thers a bunch of hackers already. i get killed in wierd places were nobody can see me all the time ,its ludicrous. no real matchmaking and my fps is always shit on this game. and no deathmatch?

I'm ok with no deathmatch. Without objectives you have random camping. With instant spawning you have reckless behavior. Combine the two and you get random camping and reckless run and gun without anyone caring about avoiding getting killed. This is toxic as hell and the kind of mentality this breeds will poison other game modes.

I do think the wall weapon collision needs to be reworked a bit. Instead of always raising your weapon, it should work like this:

  • Weapon collision in Far Cry 3+ was used to just let you know when the autolean/peek was active.

  • When you aim down sight, instead your weapon becoming unfirable when it impacts a wall, it would just stop moving and make a 'tap' sound. Your camera would still move a bit, think of it like a rubber band on a pencil, the pencil being the weapon, the camera attached to the rubber band.