The map: HIDEOUT = Aids?
I haven't noticed any posts on this last i checked. But someone needs to say something about it cause were all thinking it. The start of a match on this map. Kicks off when both sides oppose each other on either sides of the bridge. The Insurgents usually hold up in a 2 story compound with a good amount of cover. And Security Forces behind a somewhat fortified hill that has a lot of open space and 2 narrow exposed points of exit. I've got 20+ hours logged on Sandstorm and I still find the fight to get across the bridge on that map to be cancer asf.
If your Insurgents, Great! grab a SVD or a PKM with a 4x scope. And get ready to line up those easy kills because the enemy has little cover and even lesser bulletproof cover. It might as well be fish in a barrel! We all know that Security Forces throwing 8-9 smoke grenades and rushing Objective A is how its supposed to work out, right. You gotta watch enemy positions with atleast 4 guys who have a 2x scope equipped or better. And can successfully lay down covering fire while your teammates cross under or if they're lucky actually on the bridge Itself through the smoke to capture Objective A. But nooooo you don't hardly ever find that level of teamwork in Sandstorm, but that is exactly how your expected to play the game.
The example and exception being a team of pros who focus on participating, communicating and know not to rush the enemy blindly and die like nearly every noob lvl 20 and under. I mean seriously. Way to contribute to the team effort guys by wasting lives. But what are the odds of getting in that lobby, right? To continue my point. I would like to see more cover added to the Security Forces side and atleast another point of exit. Specifically the thin metal fencing along the Security side. 
Like seriously put some sand bags behind those so we can live! I would also like an additional point of exit put in on the left side of the bridge with plenty of cover. It would be nice being able to cross to Objective A without it feeling like D-Day. The cover on the bridge should be increased as well because crossing on it is a pipe dream. Finally there should be more barriers and points of cover along the road by the hill. Because it's way easy to gun people down there right off the bat and after. Give this a like if you agree.

Yeh the first objective when attacking is unbalanced as all hell. You really need competent teammates for this first objective on this map, more than any other objective attack on any other map, otherwise it's bg everytime.

The attacking experience is okay when both teams know how to play each side, however, like you said the chances of this happening is very slim in the generic matchmaking with randies. The approach is very black and white.

I would be okay with security getting another way to approach or more cover.

@icyspicy I've had success with a team using a pretty good amount of teamwork. I just shouted at our Commander to just immediately call in a Gunship and we ended up capping Alpha.

You can drop down off the left of the bridge and get up there every time.

No one takes that route because they are so focused on the bridge.

Literally every time I have played that map I got to the objective that way. Just hold onto your smokes for when you get across and then you can smoke the INS side of the bridge and run up for free to A. I usually do it solo, can't image what would happen if I had another person with me.

You aren't wrong though, it is hard for newer players and less skilled players. If people were better at shooting they could just pick off the INS players. Also if the commander used smokes and a gunship that would help too. I've seen it taken in the first wave with good competitive SEC players.

Hideout is sandstorm's sinjar it seems

As long as the commander calls in a strafe or a gunship on A while people go under the bridge on the left side (from Security's perspective) I would say the defenders don't stand a chance. If the team doesn't do that though, it's a real shitfest.

That objective definitely needs a rework. Several places where the defender can cover all lanes so the attackers cannot get passed him. No real flanks. Smoke grenades are useless because they fall into the river where the smoke doesn’t go high enough so that the defenders still get a good line of sight on you. Defenders have several different entrances to the objective, so that it’s very hard to defend it even once you get inside the building. So to sum it up, it’s a shitfest.

Literally just walk underneath the bridge.
Or use teamwork.
What you're proposing is to have more reasons to not work as a team in this game.


No, it’s not that simple when the map is such AIDS. You can walk under the bridge, sure. But once you reach the end of it, you still must go through one of three choke points to reach the objective. While three chokepoints might seem okay, you can camp them from all around, and it’s easy for one player to cover two or three of them. Even if you get inside the objective, there are so many ways the insurgents can get in, it’s equally as hard to defend once you reach it.

@staryoshi06 said in The map: HIDEOUT = Aids?:

Or use teamwork.

If there's only one viable approach on an objective, that's bad map design. No amount of teamwork can help a wall of lead.

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@thehappybub actually thinking about it, if they made more of the river accessible to allow you to flank behind the building, that could work.

@link I try to take the left about half of the time. But i always run into a few guys there and nobody wants to be my back up even when I request it. It's a struggle either way for me.

@staryoshi06 How often does the team come together to reach A tho. It's a flip of a coin. I'm just sayin I would want more cover to balance out both sides of the bridge when fighting. I don't want excessive cover for security cause that would be counter intuitive