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workin on a chevy



day 1 of the chevy prerunner

2_1545015403810_20181216205429_1.jpg 1_1545015403810_20181216205424_1.jpg 0_1545015403809_20181216205325_1.jpg

in game shots of the 3500 prerunner, now with a full UV map on the truck

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Been working on the back for most of the time today and yesterday... thoughts? I mean the lights look cool but i dont know what else to do to them.


A render of the chevy that was done in 3ds max... not the best but its a start

@riskywisky I wish you would spend more time and energy on your mods. I beleive you have talent, but I wish you used it to make higher quality stuff.

It's a work in progress.


some different views of the prerunner

Getting better and better Risky.

1_1545175722772_20181217202027_1.jpg 0_1545175722771_20181217202008_1.jpg

Most of the modeling is done, so i decided to throw it in game and see how it looks. Thoughts?

also @BRazz989 thank you for the support.

More of the rollcage but in an interior view

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Somewhat of a better interior than my other mods, all i need to do to it now is just fit it in because it doesnt fit all the way in (on the sides.)

@riskywisky if I was you I would redo the rollcage/frame. These are just way too narrow. Just a tip to help you✌🏽✌🏽

@wrangmog So your saying to just make the tubes thicker?

@riskywisky Yes yours are like 1 inch tubes. Needs to be 1.75 or 2 inch tubes. You should watch some videos on how to bend pipe in 3ds Max. It will look much better.