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@riskywisky What exactly are the fans cooling? You need a radiator.

Also because of the radiator is in the back so it doesnt get damaged

come on, new modder here! what have we got to say about redneck?? lol

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Ok so this truck is pink and has the breast cancer symbols because of some more personal things. My step mom has been goin through some stuff lately and i just wanted to thank her for doing everything that she does while still going through this.

Love ya mom.

(Dont donate to support her, since the expenses have been payed.)

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Loved teachin' ya with all of the stuff in 3ds max and teaching you how to mod. It was a journey, but the end result was perfect. I dont know what this will look like in your future, but i sure hope its a good one.
Have a good night.

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new work in progress ford f350 ( not released šŸ˜‰ )

Interesting tires you got there Risky

the mod is not out, and also you gifted me your tires (which by the way CCS made). After that we were even because I gave you my log trailer so you could figure it out too.

@riskywisky Iā€™m using my own trailer and log model and the code you got from in game?

Look just drop it. Iā€™m not using your tires on any of my released mods.