Bot spawning

Tonight, at least twice in every game I've played, a bot has spawned right where I just walked. within a second or 2 of passing a spot, the bot spawns and shoots me in the back.

I'm up to level 84, so I've played a bit (I'm not any good mind you, just play a bit) I can say it's getting tedious the amount of times it's happening

Just happened again.

killed a bot, nothing else in the room, went up some stairs, just get to the top and shot from behind. There is no way a bot or player could travel that distance in that time.


Happens to me sometimes, but during each and every round though. I get shot down like a clay target during a skeet shooting session once or twice out of the blue. I also find that if studying the bots enough in a round, I can evade a horrendous amount of bot gun-fire like Rambo. I'll just run away into several cover points and then flank. Still fun, and I see the attempt to improve the bots compared to the previous installment. Still more work to be done and I hope to see it considering the team wants to finish the single player campaign.